Kipper : El Toro To Frazier. Give Pedro One More

by Kipper | Oct 06, 2015 - 3:25 PM
A couple of months ago there was chatter that the Pirates should go after Cincinnati Reds 3B Todd Frazier. After seeing his swing and performance at the Home Run Derby at the All-Star Game in that pathetically small ballpark in Cincinnati, Frazier was like sliced bread.

At the time, I had looked into his stats and they were decent, but hardly anything that I would go on social media to tout and argue as a need. Offensively he has power and that is what people see and love, but he has power that has been developed for play in Cincinnati

Away from the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Todd Frazier in 2015, batted .233 with a .448 SLG and .733 OPS.

We can look at the extremely small sample with how Todd Frazier has fared at PNC Park, but considering that his power seems to be generated at a very home run hitting friendly ballpark. You should assume a reduction in his overall production numbers. Which is why his numbers are much worse on the road.

If not Todd Frazier then who?

So if Todd Frazier isn't the be-all, and he's not even a Free Agent, who then?

How about Pedro Alvarez?

Before diving into more stats, here is one that I find to be most important since the comparisons between the 2 are power numbers..

Pedro Alvarez averaged a Home Run for every 16.1 AB's in 2015. Todd Frazier averaged a Home Run for every 17.6 AB's in 2015.

Pedro didn't play as much or get as many at bats but when he did, his power was as productive or better than Todd Frazier's. Pedro also didn't do it in a hitter friendly ballpark either.

Todd Frazier has decent gap power. Compared to Pedro Alvarez in 2015 who produced a Double in every 24 AB's, Todd Frazier had one in every 14 AB's. On the road in 2015, Frazier's numbers dipped slightly to a double for every 17 AB's. 23 and 17 are career consistent's for both players. The nod goes to Todd Frazier there but it's not enough to make up for the cost in players.

Pedro Alvarez's defense has been rotten by MLB standards. He was shifted from 3B to 1B to make use of his power and get his mind off of the defense, but he struggled in 2015. We must also take into consideration that he's learning a new position and that poor defense should be expected. It doesn't have to be accepted, especially the route gaffes, but he was still learning a new positikn.

At $5.17 million per year, the... [Read More]
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Its Time To Fix The MLB

by battlingbucs | Oct 05, 2015 - 1:20 PM
There is some talk going around about how to fix the MLB playoff system since the 3 teams that finished with the best record this year all resided in the same division leading towards a comical situation where those teams have to play a tournament amongst themselves before getting to face anyone else. Just like everyone else I'm going to throw my hat into the ring and give my suggestions but I'm not going to stop there I'm going to suggest a fix for everything. I'll tackle a few issues here.

Strike Zone

The traditionalists like the human element and don't want to slow down the game more by bringing in reviews of strikes. The more progressive minds want a strike zone that is more definitive thus creating a more even playing field. Then again the art of catcher framing is something a lot of people don't want out of the game while others think it should be. Personally I have my doubts of just how accurate the automated strike zones are but I also don't like the randomness of some umps strike zones so I have a compromised solution. There are some horrendously bad strike and ball calls that should not be allowed to happen under any circumstances so for those I propose an automated strike zone to ensure there are no egregious mistakes however for 50/50 calls on the edges I think it is best to keep the call in the umps hands. My proposal is is to equip each home plate ump with an ear piece that after every pitch someone communicates with him either strike, ball or your call. Anything say within 2 inches of the edge (the exact distance is up for debate) is the umps call while everything else the computer handles.


Coach's challenges will be eliminated and the replay ump (of which there will be one per crew) will act as a 5th umpire being there if the umpire needs help and also being able to interject if he believes the call was made wrong.

DH Rule

I'm anti-DH but I also realize there is no scenario in which it is ever going away and what I want more than anything here is for consistency across the leagues however I'm not ready to go the whole way and have yet another compromise. The DH will be implemented league wide but he will be a true designated hitter meaning he will be designated to hit for one guys and one guy only. The DH and SP will be tied together once one leaves they both must exit the game. At that point they can be replaced... [Read More]
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Steelers Play Well Enough To Win, Release Scobey And Sign Boswell

by Steelreign | Oct 03, 2015 - 4:02 PM
Going into the game Thursday night against the 0-3 Baltimore Ravens, the biggest questions about the Steelers revolved around whether Mike Vick could manage the game enough for the Steelers to send the former Cleveland Browns to 0-4 for the first time since their move. The answer to those questions is clearly yes. While his numbers didn’t stand out, Mike Vick was 19-26 for 124 yards and a touchdown pass that almost went through Darius Heyward-Bey. He did everything he was asked to do and didn’t turn the ball over, and also got out on the perimeter to throw a nice block that helped get LeVeon Bell into the endzone. Considering he only had a few days to prepare for his start last night, Mike Vick aquitted himself adequately and played well enough to get the win. He and Bell put the Steelers in position to extend their three point lead to six points with just under two minutes left in the game. This was after the defense stuffed Joe Flacco on fourth and about a yard. The offense came through when it mattered most, so did the defense. Everyone except Josh Scobey.

There are those who have chosen to blame Mike Tomlin for his lack of game management skills. There are those who have chosen to blame Todd Haley for his apparent lack of play calling skills. There are those usual suspects, who just hate Mike Vick, who blame Vick for everything, including dollar devaluation and the unemployment rate. The bottom line is, the Steelers had a three point lead, with the chance to up it to six and to put the game away. If Scobey hits that field goal, the talk is that the Steelers played pretty well considering that Vick and Haley only had a couple of days to put a game plan together. That the defense stepped up again with major stops on fourth down and is getting better, and that LeVeon Bell has returned to beast mode. All of that is true…..except that Scobey failed to do his job when it mattered most….TWICE. Scobey’s continued failures took away Tomlin’s faith in him, and rightly so. That left him with what he felt were his only options in overtime, to punt or go for it. Should he have given it to Bell on both occasions are just questions to ask that distract from the real issue, Scobey choked when it mattered most…..twice.

The Steelers are currently bringing in kickers to audition for Scobey’s job and based on their backgrounds, they don’t inspire much excitement. It wouldn’t hurt one... [Read More]
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Let's Face It, The Steelers Have No Kicker

by WVUTimmy | Oct 02, 2015 - 3:36 PM
I was going to write about the atrocity that was the Steelers loss to the Ravens last night. And that is what it was, a Steelers loss, not a Ravens win. I can't write about Scobee. My mom taught me that if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all. So I chose to write abut WVU. Please check out my post in the College Football Forum. Below is what Rob Rossi wrote about the Steelers. I'll let him handle Scobee.

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Rob Rossi podcasts

  • Rob Rossi 10-2-15

    Duration: 29:14Rob Rossi says the Steelers played good enough to win but the kicker let the team down. Snoop Dogg entertains Steelers fans with postgame rants. If Bengals win, could be tough for Steelers to catch them in division race now.
  • Rob Rossi 9-30-15

    Duration: 35:10Rob Rossi says fans should not expect Nutting to spend more money if they cannot sell out this series. Pittsburgh fans have become nervous at big games. Disappointment of Crosby not playing in Johnstown.
  • Rob Rossi 9-28-15

    Duration: 26:36Rob Rossi talks about his column-Bond between Mike Tomlin and Mike Vick will help Steelers. Also talks about covering the Steelers win in St. Louis.

Freeze Frame Gallery

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Steelers And Shazier Provide A Glimpse Of The Future In Thrashing Of 49'ers

by Steelreign | Sep 21, 2015 - 6:24 AM
The expectations for the 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers is that the offense is going to have to carry the day until the defense can come together and gel as a unit. On Sunday, for the Steelers home opener, we all got a preview of what things will look like when that finally happens. The Steelers offense pretty much performed as has come to be expected as Ben Roethlisberger threw for 369 yards and 3 touchdowns, going 21 for 27. Antonio Brown caught 9 balls for 195 yards and a touchdown as he extended his streak of games with 5 receptions for 50+ yards to 34 games. He also set an NFL record for games with at least 7+ receptions as he ran that streak to 13 consecutive games. Not to be outdone, Deangelo Williams added 20 carries for 77 yards, and scored three touchdowns, tying a franchise record. Darius Heyward-Bey and Heath Miller also got into the act by catching touchdown passes from Ben Roethlisberger as well. As good as the offense was against a depleted 49ers squad, that still has eight Pro Bowl players, the story of the day belongs to a defense that gave Steelernation a preview of what is to come.

The Steelers defense spent a total of 36 minutes and 59 seconds on the field for a total of 82 plays. They gave up 18 points and 409 yards, with 75 of those yards coming on the touchdown pass from Colin Kaepernick to Torrey Smith. Although you can't take that play off the books, the defense gave up only 334 yards and 11 points, minus that one big play. From the start of the game, it was apparent that the Steelers defense solved the communications issues that plagued them in their opener against New England. While some may downplay the performance of the defense, because it was against the 49ers, San Francisco still has viable weapons on offense. For the most part, the Steelers shut those weapons down. They were all flying to the ball and they set a physical tone early on. One play that stands out was when Antwon Blake belted Vernon Davis along the near sideline, preventing what appeared to be a certain catch to move the chains. As soon as Davis came down with possession of the ball and both feet in bounds, Blake's violent collision with him knocked the ball out of his hands before Davis could complete the process of the catch. In total, Blake had 10 tackles and several more jarring hits that prevented potential big plays.

The Steelers had five sacks on the day, the first of which belonged to Stephon Tuitt. Along with Tuitt, who got... [Read More]
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