ATP: Position Players By Birth Place - Class F

by battlingbucs | Nov 25, 2015 - 11:34 AM
ATP stands for All Time Pirates. It is a running series of mine that digs into the Pirates past and takes a look at it from various different angles. This particular exercise is looking at it from the player's place of birth. Each US state, the District of Columbia and each foreign country will be investigated in the attempt to build a team. For more specifics check out the introductory post here.

First up in this 13 part series are the position players born in what I am calling a class F location. I'm using the term class F location to refer to a place that has produced at last one Pirates position player but doesn't have the necessary 8 to field a starting lineup. With 51 states (counting Washington DC) and 19 countries there are a total of 70 locales and exactly half of them, 35, will be discussed here. Obviously since these locations don't have enough players to fill out a team this will be presented a little differently than the rest of the classes. Instead of each location getting its own lineup I have divided them into groups of 4 according to geography. There is an Eastern United States team, a Western United States team, a Latin America Team and an Eastern Hemisphere team. Each section will form a 15 man roster. The concept behind the roster is a starting 8, 2 backup catchers, a backup 1B, 2 reserve infielders and 2 reserve outfielders but the construction may not mirror that approach exactly.

Eastern United States

Dave May (PH), John Newell (3B), Hans Lobert (IF), Spook Jacobs (2B), Brandy Davis (OF)
Maine: Abel Lizotte (1B), Live Oak Taylor (OF)
New Hampshire: Tom Padden (C)
Rhode Island: Bill Almon (SS/OF), John Flynn (1B), Art Merewether (PH), Morgan Murphy (C), Dan Sullivan (C), Gene Steere (SS)
Vermont: Fred Mann (OF), Chris Duffy (OF)
Washington D.C.: Maury Wills (3B), Billy Taylor (C/1B/OF), Elmer Cleveland (3B), Bob Barr (1B/OF), Mickey Keliher (1B), Tom Kinslow (C), Denny Sothern (OF)

1. Chris Duffy, CF
2. Maury Wills, 3B
3. Billy Taylor, LF
4. Bill Almon, SS
5. Fred Mann, RF
6. John Flynn, 1B
7. Tom Padden, C
8. Spook Jacobs, 2B

C: Tom Kinslow
1B: Abel Lizotte
IF:... [Read More]
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ATP: By Birthplace - An Introduction

by battlingbucs | Nov 24, 2015 - 2:49 PM
Each of the last two offseasons I've worked on projects digging into the Pirates past under the name All Time Pirates (ATP) and this offseason will see yet another variation of that practice. The first year saw the Pirates history divided into eras and last year saw the formation of a local (Pennsylvania born) and international (outside USA born) team. This year will be similar to the last year except each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and each foreign country will be forming their own team.

I have just finished scrubbing my data set and I am ready to begin the process. There will be two parts of this process with 6 classes in each part and a final summary post meaning there will be a total of 13 additional posts beyond this introductory one. The parts will be divided into position players and pitchers and the classes will be determined based on the size of each location's available pool of players.

Position Players

Class F: 0-7 Players
Class E: 8-15 Players
Class D: 16-30 Players
Class C: 31-60 Players
Class B: 61-99 Players
Class A: 100+ Players


Class F: 0-4 Players
Class E: 5-13 players
Class D: 14-19 players
Class C: 20-29 players
Class B: 30-59 players
Class A: 60+ players

I will select up to 15 position players and 13 pitchers for each location to showcase each team's depth but the final summary post will have the final roster of a starting 8, 4 starting pitchers and 1 closer. According to my current data there are 34 locations capable of fielding a team meeting these minimum requirements so I will seed them 1 through 34 to finish out the topic.

I am looking forward to this exercise and I am hopeful some of you will find enjoyment out of it as well.
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Is This The Year The Pittsburgh Pirates Get A New Logo?

by Kipper | Nov 23, 2015 - 12:53 PM
2 years ago at PirateFest I had a chance to talk with Pittsburgh Pirates President Frank Coonelly about implementing a logo change. I had noticed a shift towards using the "P" Logo and away from the actual Pirates logo with the Pirate in it and Mr.Connelly confirmed that they were indeed going to get a new logo.

It didn't happen.

Last year at PirateFest I saw Frank Coonelly again and asked him about the logo, informing him jokingly that my credibility took a hit reporting on this logo change that didn't occur. He explained to me that they had a dozen logo submissions presented to the Board of Directors and none of them passed approval, but they would continue pressing for a new logo.

It is now 2015, heading into 2016 and my yearly curiosity for what will be new for the Pittsburgh Pirates is starting to hit its stride. The uniforms appear to be happily set for the next couple of seasons, so my attention and focus has once again returned to the Logo.

I had recently just attended the Chuck Tanner Banquet Awards ceremony where I had a chance to get some photos with Clint Hurdle, Bob Nutting, Dave Littlefield and others.. Specifically Clint Hurdle and Bob Nutting made a big deal about my new iPhone case with Bob Nutting saying he loved it.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_9126.jpg 
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At the time they were nice compliments but I began to wonder if there was more to it. I then received an E-Mail from the Pittsburgh Pirates and noticed the logo next to the name of the contact that works for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Nobody in the corporate Pittsburgh Pirates e-mail system is going to be using an unofficial logo. That's not how businesses like this promote themselves. Everything is a corporate template for use, the only thing that differs is your contact information.

... [Read More]
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Week 9 Observations: Raiders @ Steelers

by Steelreign | Nov 11, 2015 - 4:16 PM
The Steelers stuck free agent gold when they brought in Deangelo Williams, from the Carolina Panthers, to back up LeíVeon Bell. Williams lead the league in rushing while filling in for Bell during the first two games of the season, and in response to Bellís season ending injury, he picked right up where he left off. Williams gashed the Raiders for 170 yards and 2 touchdowns, on 27 carries, against one of the best run defenses in the NFL. He definitely didnít look like a 31 year old running back whose best days are supposedly behind him.

Chris Boswell hit three out of four field goals on the day, with his third field goal being the game winner in a 38-35 victory over the Raiders. Boswell, who was even iced by his own head coach before the final kick, didnít let that, or a previous miss on a 42 yard attempt, rattle his confidence. His only real misfire on the day, was sending a kickoff out of bounds following a touchdown that put the Steelers up 35-21. If Boswell keeps performing like he has, the Steelers are going to have a difficult choice once Shaun Suisham is healthy.

Landry Jones comes on in relief to lead Steelers game winning drive. Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Landry Jones solidified his role as the primary backup to Ben Roethlisberger, by coming on in relief and leading the Steelers during a game winning drive, with less than two minutes left in the game. Jones was 4/6 for 79 yards, with the big play coming on a pass to Antonio Brown, who caught the quick slant and took it down to the Raiders 10 yard line. Upon entering the game, Jones got to the huddle, smiled, and said to his offense, ďLetís play some football boys.Ē His teammates believe in him and love his confidence, which is good, because Big Ben is going to be out for a few weeks with a mid-foot sprain. Jonesís next start will be against Cleveland, next Sunday at Heinz Field.

Jacoby Jones Looks Alot Like Dri Archer :

Perhaps Dri Archer wasnít really the problem at all when it came to Returning kicks, because the results of new kick returner, Jacoby Jones, looked eerily similar to the results of the prior one. Jones averaged 21.4 yards per return, with a longest return being 24 yards. Perhaps the problem isnít with the returners, but rather with the blocking. The Raiders seemed content with kicking it short, knowing they could stop Jones before the twenty yard line, all to save five yards.... [Read More]
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2015 Chuck Tanner Awards Banquet - Preview!

by Kipper | Nov 09, 2015 - 4:39 PM
Click image for larger version. 

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If you're a huge Pittsburgh Pirates and Baseball fan, then come join us this Saturday - November 14th for the 9th Annual Chuck Tanner Awards Banquet.

The Award winners for 2015 are as listed :

- Chuck Tanner Manager Of The Year Award -
Jeff Banister ( Texas Rangers)

- Chuck Tanner Life Time Achievement Award -
Kevin McClatchy ( Former Pirates President/CEO)

- Chuck Tanner Collegiant Coach Of The Year -
Chase Rowe ( LaRoche College)

- Chuck Tanner Memorial Award -
Ray Searage ( Pittsburgh Pirates Pitching Coach)

- Chuck Tanner Woman In Baseball Award -
Judy Carpenter-Barada ( St.Louis Cardinals Director of Major League Administration)

Kent Tekulve will be serving as the 2015 Chuck Tanner Banquet "Honorary Chairperson"

* Pittsburgh Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle and Pittsburgh Pirates Owner Bob Nutting will also be at the Chuck Tanner Banquet Awards.

* Renowned Celebrity Artist - Kevin-John will be on hand to unveil his latest piece of Artwork that ALL attendees will receive a Free Collector's Print of (sample is below)

* The 2015 Chuck Tanner Banquet to Celebrate PNC Park

"Although Chuck Tanner never managed a game at Pittsburgh's beautiful PNC Park - he attended many games there and enjoyed its success in Pirate history. The north shore sports facility - often consider the best in all of major league baseball, opened it's doors in the spring of 2000. Last season, the Pittsburgh Pirates drew 2,450,000 loyal Bucco fans - the largest single season attendance in franchise history."

The Chuck Tanner... [Read More]
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